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#fbf to last night: #CloudsOfSilsMaria two thumbs up. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!! #KSIBTU #KristenStewart #JulietteBinoche #OlivierAssayas

#fbf to last night: #CloudsOfSilsMaria two thumbs up. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!! #KSIBTU #KristenStewart #JulietteBinoche #OlivierAssayas


Emily Deschanel for Issue 4 of Laika Magazine, The Future Issue, Summer/Fall 2014. 

(ps if you zoom up on the pics, i’m sure you’ll be able to read it properly. I don’t have a scanner, so this is the best I can do)

For years, everyone in the world has misunderstood Kristen Stewart’s compressed emotional range. They thought it meant she was a limited actress; it means nothing of the kind. She is John Wayne being forced to play the Maureen O’Hara character. Give her a rail to lean against during a sunset, a military jacket, a toothpick to chew on, and something to squint her eyes against lazily in the distance, and her guardedness will be transformed from unsuccessful femininity to The Great American Male.

Kristen Stewart is a goddamn cowboy.

Watching The New Kristen Stewart Trailer With The Sound Off by Mallory Ortberg (via arevhat)

Sorry but this is totally sexist!  She has to be transformed into “the great American Male” in order to be a successful female?  What utter bullshit.  Kristen is so NOT a “cowboy”  She’s a badass woman no male comparisons needed thank you!

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This the biggest crock of bullshit!

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1. Amen to the two girls above! Unsuccesful femininity my ass!
2. She HAS been misunderstood for years. Her range of emotions is just fine. They don’t scream or hit you over the head, they nudge gently, realistically - against the stream of actors and actresses overselling it. Her naturalistic type of acting is both her biggest strength as an actress and her biggest disadvantage in the public eye. No, you don’t see her push emotions, she embodies it so naturally and so subtly most people miss it. Because they’re used to being hit over the head with it. There’s a reason why people think that Bella Swan, Joan Jett, a runaway teen stripper/prostitute, a young girl with Friedreich’s Ataxia and 20+ others is just Kristen playing Kristen. It’s because she makes every character as realistic as possible and makes them all her own. Drawing from what I can only assume is a deep well of empathy.

One of the first things they ask you in the ER is to rate your pain on a scale from 1 to 10. I’ve been asked this question hundreds of times and I remember once, when I couldn’t catch my breath and I felt like my chest was on fire, the nurse asked me to rate the pain. Though I couldn’t speak, I held up 9 fingers. Later, when I started feeling better, the nurse came in and she called me a fighter. “You know how I know?” she said, “You called a 10 a 9.” But that wasn’t the truth.

I didn’t call it a 9 because I was brave. The reason I called it a 9 was because I was saving my 10…and this was it. 


you don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you 


i literally never get tired of this post

 You believe that love is transcendent and eternal. I want to believe that too.
You will, I promise, someday you will.